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Our unique Video Integration Kit (VIK) enables full functional integration with existing or new Software Management Systems.

Our Video Integration Kit (VIK) offers ultimate security management solutions to your video and audio requirements.

Video Domain's VIK package is provided as a means to integrate digital Close-Circuit TV (CCTV) into the Alarm Receive and Management Software at monitoring stations. 
It enables easy software control of Video/Audio and I/O Transmitters at remote premises.


All main Company's transmitting products can be integrated seamlessly to any environment using the Video Integration Kit (VIK), enabling the quick development of applications for new markets. 
The VIK deploys the ActiveX industry standard for cross-language software interfaces.

The VIK package includes COM and active X interfaces, any 32-bit computer language capable of supporting ActiveX components should be able to support the VIK packages.

Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C++ is a recommended tool for developing VIK hosting applications.


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